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November 30, 2020

How to Find the Best Perth Property Manager

Access to a Perth property manager is important for any landlord who wants to transform raw potential into consistent rental returns. From initial purchase and loan decisions through to finding tenants and ongoing management, informed decisions depend on local knowledge and experience. If you’re ready to meet your financial and lifestyle goals, HERE Property offers a range of tailored, knowledgeable, and accessible Perth property management solutions.

Finding and managing an investment property is incredibly hard in today’s rapidly changing environment. Competitive prices and attractive locations are not enough in isolation — you need to find an arrangement that meets your financial goals and matches your lifestyle. There are lots of things to consider, with the following seven points critical in finding the right property manager in Perth for your needs.

  1. Do your homework first

It’s important to ask the right questions from the outset in order to find the perfect fit. How large is the company, and do they have a dedicated property management department? How much knowledge and experience do they have in the local Perth market? References are important during this early stage, from word-of-mouth recommendations to online reviews and professional affiliations.

  1. Location, location, location

Perth is a unique location in a special part of Australia. Property returns rise or fall based on their location, so it’s important to choose a team with local knowledge and connection. Which localities does the property management service cover? Are they familiar with the demographics and amenities of the local area? If you’ve made the effort to purchase a property in a great location, it only makes sense to work with a property management team who understand the local community.

  1. What services are available

When it comes to services, not all property managers are created equal. Is the property manager the one point of contact for you and your tenant? Do they look after the day-to-day property management, including inhouse inspections and maintenance management? While some services may seem very affordable, it’s important to be aware of additional costs and potential risks.

  1. How are tenants managed

Selecting a property manager is a huge decision that will have long-lasting implications for your risk profile and real estate portfolio. What is their system and success rate for checking prospective tenants? Do they check credit history, rental history, and current employment? If problems arise with tenants, will they go to court on your behalf, and what is their success rate?

  1. Communication and relationships

It’s important to find a property management team with great communication skills. While property market success is largely based on location and timing, strong professional relationships are another important ingredient. Look for an honest and transparent management service you can trust. Try to find a property manager with a tailored approach that respects your needs and believes in your goals.

  1. Rents, fees, expenses

When it comes to property, it’s always important to pay attention to the bottom line. Managing a property can be expensive, and you need to know where your money is going. Analyse property management fees related to service scope and quality. Look into how rents are achieved, collected and optimised. Think about property maintenance charges, repair bills, and all other expenses that may add or relate to your management contract. Most of all, think about the expenses that aren’t on your statement, namely loss of rent due to vacancy or not optimising the market rent.

  1. Finance and additional services

It’s important to choose a property management service that understands the wider Perth property market. Along with property management solutions, you may also want to access finance or insurance services for your current and future properties. A property management team with additional financial services are better equipped to develop long-term strategies that align with your financial and lifestyle goals.

The HERE Property advantage

HERE Property offers a range of proven and versatile property management and finance solutions combined with trusted advice. We listen to your needs and implement investment solutions that work.

The HERE Property advantage is based on the following key elements:

  • Communication – We take time to understand your property investment goals and provide on point of contact.
  • Flexibility – We find management options that suit your specific situation.
  • Quality tenants – We find and manage quality 5-star tenants across the Perth metropolitan area.
  • Experience – We have almost 40 years’ experience working in the local Perth market.
  • Tailored solutions – We find property and finance solutions that work for you and are aligned with your goals.

If you want to access leading property management solutions and accelerate your return on investment, we would love to help. HERE Property offers decades of experience in the Perth market, with our expert team 100% focused on simple, smart, and proactive property solutions. Contact us today.

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