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November 17, 2020

5 Reasons Why the Right Property Finance Solution Is So Important

In a world of shifting economic sands and risky financial assets, the property market remains a solid investment strategy. When the right decisions are made, real estate investments deliver real financial growth and stable long-term gains. In order to transform potential into value, however, it’s important to identify and access viable property finance solutions. Making informed decisions about the property market can be incredibly tough, but property specialists will be able to deliver strategic insights and practical knowledge to secure the best loan with the best rates.

HERE Property helps people manage the complexities of the Perth property market and financial landscape by taking a holistic approach.

Having the right property finance solution is critical

Here’s why:

  1. Answering all your questions

Making smart loan decisions is dependent on access to timely and accurate information. Whether it’s understanding local market variables, identifying loan options or leveraging financial assets, a mortgage broker who listens closely will be able to answer your questions and deliver valuable information. What should your loan to value ratio be? What is the real cost of borrowing? How do you calculate your returns? When it comes to the property sector, professional advice needs to align with your needs and expectations so that they understand all your options and can make informed decisions.

  1. Working out your borrowing capacity

Not all property investors or property assets are the same. Whether you are an investor with a large portfolio, owner-occupier or landlord, it’s critical to select a finance solution based on the attributes of each property. The age and location of each property has a serious impact on value and growth potential. Property experts are able to align property types with specific financial strategies.

There are other factors that affect how much you can borrow, such as your assets, income and type of loan. The right finance solution will help you understand these factors and work out what you can afford to borrow.

  1. Implementing a smart strategy

Successful property investment comes from a solid overall strategy and how it aligns with the structure of the mortgage. There are lots of things to consider, from the type and length of the mortgage agreement through to interest rate structures and taxation requirements. How people build wealth is dependent on building an investment strategy based on this information. Among other things, it’s important to understand equity, deposit limits, fixed vs variable interest rates, mortgage fees, capital gains and negative gearing.

  1. Taking care of the details

Mortgage application processes and documents can be complex, time consuming and full of legal jargon. Before signing on the dotted line, it is important to understand how each loan works in granular detail. Working with a property finance professional is the best way to understand the intricate details of home loan agreements. While lawyers and banks can assist with legal and taxation data, access to an independent mortgage broker is the best way to develop a clear strategy based on known variables and personal objectives.

  1. Professional application and management

Along with accessing and understanding mortgage documentation and requirements, it is important to work alongside a team with proven practical skills and experience. Applying for a home loan takes time, focus and diligence. An independent broker will be able to apply for a loan on your behalf and manage the process through to settlement. Small mistakes can be incredibly costly during the application process, with wasted time and major headaches also likely without a finance expert in your corner.

The right property finance solution, right HERE

At HERE Property, we offer a comprehensive array of property finance solutions for the Perth housing market. As independent mortgage brokers, we work directly with our clients in helping them to discover and access leading home loan solutions. We combine unbiased advice and trusted industry connections with expertise across the finance and property sectors.

Our vision is to engage in trusted partnerships with investors by providing meaningful advice and unlocking the best possible deals. Our mission is to unlock real value for the long-term benefit of our customers and community. We use our knowledge, experience and skills to tap the potential of the Perth market. We apply clear strategic thinking based on market insights and careful execution based on the financial and lifestyle goals of each client.

Identifying secure and profitable property investment services is a major challenge for any investor. If you want to access leading mortgage solutions and accelerate your return on investment, we would love to help. HERE Property offers almost 40 years of experience in the Perth market. Our expert team is 100% focused on simple, smart and proactive property solutions.

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