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July 10, 2019

To Stage or Not To Stage Your Property

There are so many different aspects to consider when putting your property up for sale or rent. From property value, maintenance and repairs, to all the legal bits and pieces. The experienced team at HERE Property are here to help. One of the key things that our clients often ask us is: should we stage our property? We say, yes!

We’ve put together a few important points to consider when thinking about staging your property:

Keeping up appearances

Before a potential buyer visits a property, it’s likely that they have a pre-constructed image of it in their mind; whether it be from staged images on a website or word of mouth descriptions. If the buyer visits and the property doesn’t live up to expectations, the likelihood of the potential buyer making an offer plummets immediately. It’s important that your property lives up to the hype: the house needs to match the glossy pictures. The more warm, inviting, and true to the description your property is, the more likely a potential buyer is to illicit an emotional connection.

Get rid of the clutter

Mismatched or ugly furniture and cluttered rooms can adversely affect the experience for a potential buyer or renter. Old pieces of furniture or rugs are the worst offenders, with kitchen clutter or messy bedrooms a close second. Photographs and other personal items can also detract from the house itself, as potential buyers may be unable to envisage themselves living there. Current tenants may not be aware of how their furniture or clutter is affecting the sale or following tenancy of your property, and it may be advisable to wait until they have moved on or place them elsewhere while the house is open to new punters.

Know your target audience

When putting a new property on the market or up for rent, it’s important to appeal to as broad a market as possible to cover all your bases. However, it’s likely that you or your friendly property manager will have a particular target audience in mind. For example, one or two bedroom apartments are often targeted towards young, professional singles or couples – and should be staged to appeal to them. It’s important that your property is in great condition visually, and that you consider what might appeal to your target audience: for example, a Leederville apartment that is cluttered, cramped and lacking artwork or colour won’t appeal to a modern couple searching for a stylish, open, colourful new home.

Call the professionals

At HERE, we know about properties. We highly recommend considering the services of a professional staging company to make your property as marketable as possible before you advertise it or open it to the public. Not only will this take the pressure off you, it will also maximise the potential resale or rental value of your property. HERE Property works with a number of professional staging companies across Perth – why not get in touch with us to discuss what could work best for your property.

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