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June 5, 2017

How to build rapport with your tenant

Building a good relationship with your tenant can be the difference between an unoccupied property and your property being leased out to a reliable, long-term tenant. There’s many things you can do to maintain a healthy relationship with your tenant. Below is HERE’s top 3 tips to keeping a tenant happy.

1. Communication is key

Tenants have often dealt with a range of property management companies who have likely managed things slightly different. Effectively communicating the terms of the rental agreement will ensure the relationship gets off on the right foot!

At HERE, we talk all of our tenants through rent payment expectations including where and how to pay. We also make sure the tenant is clear on the repairs and maintenance policy, which includes how emergency maintenance requests can be lodged and how they will be processed. We also educate our tenants on HERE’s rental inspection process, how often they occur and what we look for. If the tenant is across the main points of the agreement, there will be no surprises that may tarnish the relationship. Our Tenant Handbook assists us to build the right expectations, right from the start.

2. Offer a longer tenancy

Attract the right tenant by first checking their rental history and income. Once you have found a tenant that best suits your property, offer a longer tenancy! Like anyone, tenants crave security. Living in the same property with a long-term lease structure can ease your tenant’s stress and lower the risk of losing income from your property being unoccupied. If your tenants are reliable, openly communicate that the property is available for as long as they require and that you will be happy to renew when the agreement comes to an end.

3. Continue to invest in your property

Investing in your property can potentially increase the length of your tenant’s stay. Adding incentives like heating, cooling and backyard features will help you stand out in what’s currently a competitive rental market. Dated fittings can sometimes encourage a tenant to shop around. Chat to a professional and try to project the return on your return instead of just focusing on the initial outlay, as it will likely pay itself off!

A well maintained rental property will keep the tenants happy! A crucial part of property management is acting on maintenance repairs in a professional, timely manner. One of the most commonly found reasons for a tenant vacating is dissatisfaction with how property maintenance issues have been handled.

A diligent property manager is the simplest answer to this!

HERE to help

Managing your own property can require time, responsibility and involves legal liabilities. Hiring an experienced property manager, you trust will assist in ensuring your property is leased and maintained effectively.

At HERE, we understand the importance in looking after our tenants to keep retention rates high, giving our landlords peace of mind.

Contact the HERE team to discuss how we can help you maximise your property’s potential by building rapport with your tenants.

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