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April 22, 2018

An Insider’s Guide into Buyer Behaviour

Over many years of selling property, we’ve learned important insights of what makes buyers tick. You can take advantage of this insight with a custom marketing campaign from HERE to sell your property in good time, for the best possible result the market can deliver. Here’s the insider’s guide into buyer behaviour.


Expose your property as broad as possible and specifically target the identified target market for your property. Direct and targeted contact is best (SMS, email and phone). Social media advertising through an astute HERE agent will allow you to target particular demographics including interests, location, age group and income. Real Estate portal exposure is also important, although this is a passive technique relying on buyers to conduct a search.


Creating buyer attraction to a property can be done through many mediums. Appropriate mediums should be used specifically important to the subject property being sold. The buyer will consider the property through mapping, street-view, images and their local knowledge of the area. Your HERE agent will represent the location, photos, video, floor plan and virtual tours in the best possible way to create an emotional connection to the property.

Value Proposition

A buyer must see value and opportunity in the property being offered. Often, buyers will not attend the property or make contact with the agent if they do not see value or opportunity. Appropriate pricing and strategy is vital. This can be a sharp minimum price with a ‘buyers above’ strategy, an Auction campaign or limiting the opportunity with a closing date. HERE agents know the market and can help you choose the most appropriate selling method to you and your property to maximise results.


This is crucial. The buyer must have what they know of the property confirmed through a physical inspection. Most buyers are most of the way to making a decision to purchase before they physically view the property. Therefore, it is critical that their perceptions of the property at inspection is met, or if possible, exceeded. Disappointing a buyer or misrepresenting the property at this stage will always discourage offers. HERE agents can assist you with staging and maintenance to ensure perfect presentation.

The Sale

The buyer’s requirements have been met and confirmed and they are now ready to make an offer. Respectful and careful negotiation including terms that are fair to the buyer; such as timber pest, building inspections and warranties for all items to be in working order. It’s best to be proactive and have maintenance attended to and even have a timber pest inspection carried out prior to going to the market to ensure there are no surprises for either party. HERE agents can assist you with reputable contractors to assist you and make the process as smooth as possible.

HERE are confident if you thoroughly address the above process, you’ll be sure to secure a sale in good time and for the best possible result the market can deliver. By choosing a HERE property agent to sell your property, we can apply our understanding and expertise to your most important asset. Contact us today and speak to one of our professional agents.

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