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June 11, 2018

Who deals with body corporate issues that arise?

Who deals with body corporate? Property managers do not engage in body corporate decision making, however it is their responsibility to report any potential issues that would impact on body corporate management to you directly. This might include repairs or maintenance, security concerns, resident complaints and issues surrounding common areas or equipment.

Often these matters will arise in communications from your tenants or during routine inspections when your property manager has made an observation.Your property manager may report these issues to you or the body corporate managers directly to resolve.

Key Takeaways

Your property manager cannot get involved in resolving specific body corporate matters but they are responsible for the management of your property, which may include reporting matters of concern to you or the body corporate managers directly to follow up. If matters go unresolved, your property manager and your tenant are the best set of eyes to report back to you to follow up with your body corporate managers, to whom you pay significant costs to manage these matters.

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