In property management, trust is essential.
(But gifts are optional.)


Thank-you gifts. We get them all the time from our property management clients. For caring. For being there. For staying on top of maintenance. For minimising vacancy rates. For plain-English advice that maximises returns.

That’s what happens when you have a property manager you trust implicitly, who really understands the local market and:

  • What you want to achieve with your investment
  • How to maximise returns and minimise risk, whatever the market conditions
  • Which of our fee structures is best for you
  • What rent will achieve the best return, long term
  • Who will be the best tenant, and where to find them

HERE’s everything you need know

Whether you’re an investment novice with a single property, or a veteran with a portfolio, we’ve got everything you need:

  • A low property-to-manager ratio, so we’re never stretched
  • Low staff turnover, which means continuity in service
  • A database of qualified tenants
  • Access to high-quality tenants through relocation agencies
  • The latest property management systems and software
  • Local contractors, primed for speedy maintenance

We also have a ‘no-outsourcing’ inspection policy. That’s right, we take care of routine inspections ourselves, personally. No third parties. Ever.

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