Property Managers You Can Trust
Thursday, 30th June, 2016

Have you recently purchased your first investment property? Perhaps you already own a property or two and are searching for a new property manager to look after your investments? At HERE Property, our leading property managers are dedicated to providing new and well-versed landlords with a service that cannot be rivalled in Perth.

Did you know that each week of vacancy in your investment property costs you around 2% of your total income for the year? That’s why we at HERE Property are dedicated to ensuring your home is vacant for the shortest amount of possible. We don’t like to boast – but, our vacancy rate is just 1.7% – which is well below the Perth average of 5.7%.

Here are a few more reasons why you can trust HERE Property with your investment:

We provide the optimal experience:

At HERE Property, we have incredibly strong systems and procedures in place to ensure each discussion, process and transaction runs smoothly and in favour of you, the client. We have developed these systems over a number of decades to provide the optimal experience and excellent services. With a focus on utilising modern technology to make processes seamless and a low property-to-manager ratio, we are never stretched or difficult to get in touch with. Our extremely low staff turnover attests to the strength of HERE Property, and we genuinely enjoy providing high level services to each and every one of our clients.

We have contacts and a commitment:

HERE Property has been building a detailed database of landlords, tenants and vital contacts across areas like Leederville, North Perth, Mount Hawthorn and the broader Perth region for over 40 years. Our contact list is second to none, and we remain in touch with tenants and property owners to ensure that we can quickly rent out your property to a suitable tenant. We are dedicated to making sure that your property doesn’t remain vacant for long.

We offer comprehensive services:

At HERE Property, our focus is on providing the most comprehensive set of services available. Unlike similar companies, we offer a number of add-on services or can provide trusted contacts to ensure professional services are carried out effectively. We coordinate all the bits and pieces that you may need when getting a new investment property up to scratch, or when fixing up an older property – at HERE, we do everything! From coordinating cleaning and maintenance with trusted contractors, to providing property staging services – that is, a service to ensure your property is set out in a way that will appeal to new tenants or buyers – HERE can sort it all out and take the burden from you.

Whether you are new to the market and have just purchased your first investment property, or are a seasoned property veteran with a list of portfolios under your arm across Perth, HERE Property are qualified, experienced and ready to lend a helping hand. Get in touch with one of our seasoned property managers today and find out how we can help you. We’re ready when you are!