8 Things Tenants are Looking For in a Rental
Tuesday, 5th April, 2016

Eight Things Tenants are Looking For in a Rental

1. Security

Security is one of the top aspects that renters consider when searching for a property. Western Australia has a set of legal Minimum Security Standards that property owners must comply with, but we advise taking it a little further if possible: consider an alarm system, motion sensor lights, and ensure back and side gates have appropriate locks.


2. Air conditioning and heating 

In Perth in particular, air conditioning is a big pull factor for potential renters. Facing long, hot summers without any form of air con can be daunting, and can be the difference between a renter signing on the dotted line or discounting your property. For properties where budget is a factor, we recommend installing a stand-alone system in at least the main living area and main bedroom.


3. Location, location

Renters often search in particular areas for a new home. Certain neighbourhoods and areas are often favoured for their proximity to shops, schools, parks, or major business precincts. HERE Property manages homes and properties throughout Perth, Leederville, West Perth and many other suburbs on the urban fringe of the CBD – a prime location for families and professionals alike.


4. Space

Finding a property with just the right amount of space is often high on the must-have list of potential tenants. It’s not just about having lots of bedrooms or wide open spaces, it’s about the little things: cupboard space in the kitchen, wardrobes in the bedrooms. Outdoor space is also important, and you can do wonders for the value of your property by simply putting in a shed or cleaning out a garage.


5. Dishwasher

Once again, this is an extra that families and busy professionals often look for: it’s a timesaver, and it makes meal times significantly easier. Dishwashers are no longer a unique element in properties, and renters often stipulate them as a requirement when searching for a property.


6.Open to pets

Pet-friendly properties are few and far between, so ensuring that you are open to discussing pets may significantly increase the marketability of your property. Labelling your property as pet-friendly does not necessarily mean that you are required to accept tenants with all types of pet – to find out more about the legal side of things, get in touch!


7.Uncomplicated gardens and lawn

One of the biggest turn-offs for renters is a big, complicated garden that they are required to spend significant time maintaining every week. Easy to care for gardens and lawns are a big draw card for tenants. If your property does have a large garden, you might consider paying for gardeners to tend to it once or twice a month instead of relying on tenants to care for it.


8.Energy efficient features

The ever-rising cost of electricity and water bills are a huge factor when renters are considering a property. Surveying your property (or getting an experienced property manager to do it for you) for areas where you can improve on saving water and energy can be a great way to make your property stand out. Small fixes like water-efficient showerheads or switching to LED lightbulbs can make all the difference.